A California Cannabis company owed in taxes after a IRS Audit.


How far back the an  IRS Audit can be 

Even with the increasing growth, profitability, and changing legalization nationally of the Cannabis industry, plant-touching businesses are not allowed any deductions or credits for amounts incurred or paid because cannabis (marijuana) is classified as a controlled substance and remains federally illegal. A lack of understanding of these laws creates an unnecessary uphill battle and can be very costly.

As a boutique cannabis focused firm providing start-up/licensing, tax, and bookkeeping advisory services, we cater to all facets of this unique industry and help you navigate from a tax and audit perspective. Our services are Nationwide and can help you maximize deductions and develop strategies to save you taxes, and defend you in an IRS cannabis audit.

Our sole mission is to help Cannabis Business Owners save as much money as legally possible! We accomplish this through strategic tax planning, proper GAAP cost accounting, and comprehensive backup documentation and work papers. Your success is our end goal!

"I am passionate about cannabis because I watched a close friend transition from a terminal illness and was able to maintain some semblance of who they were while using cannabis!  I want to help visionary business owners in the cannabis space protect and grow their livelihood." 

Kimberliann Chambers EA, MBA CEO


Accounting and Tax Services for Cannabis Businesses

Tax Preparation

All tax returns and services are in compliance with cannabis industry regulations from Individuals to Corporations.

Business Owners

State and Federal

Local income tax returns

Limited Liability Company (LLC)



Non- Profit's

Bookkeeping Services

We strive to assist cannabis business in having thorough, complete and audit ready books and records. We offer the following bookkeeping services: 

Full Monthly Bookkeeping

Clean-up Services 

Document Management

Chart of Account creation and industry-specific accounting set-up 

Form 8300 processing 

Sales Tax preparation

Form 1099 preparation

Business Start-Up Consultation

We offer Cannabis Advisory services to a range of businesses within the industry, including hemp, CBD and cannabis online retailers, as well as dispensaries and distribution/transportation companies.

Licensing  Application 

Business Development

Schedule a Consultation

All cannabis-related businesses that engage with Dope Tax Pros begin with an initial consultation. A  15 mintue virtual meeting of all key players in your business so that everyone is on the same page related to taxes. This meeting will evaluate where your business stands and your current needs in terms of bookkeeping and taxation. 

Click on the link below to schedule your free virtual cup of coffee to discover what your tax and accounting requirements are and our service soultions. 

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Hours of Operation: 9:00am to 6:00pm

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Dope Tax Pro(s) is a woman and minority-owned firm that provides virtual T. A.C. (Tax, Accounting, and Compliance) advisory services for small businesses in the Cannabis industry. We are a sister firm of Dollars & Cents Tax and Accounting Services, who has over 25 years in the tax and accounting industry. We are the financial partner that you would want on your side.

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CEO of Dope Tax Pro(s)

Are you ready for an IRS Audit?

The IRS recently issued tax guidance to the cannabis industry following the  Treasury Inspector General report stating that the IRS had failed to collect millions of dollars in unassessed taxes against state-licensed cannabis businesses!


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